Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Thoughts

My Thoughts/Opinion

Today, A man and lady from the Tamaki Regeneration Company, by the name of Sarah and Glen came to Room 7 at Glenbrae to talk about all the new homes in Glen Innes and the building process.
Sarah and Glen talked about what kind of Insulation there is, about the unit, what they do to construct the houses, how everything happens and ect.

Then 3 students modelled what constructors wear when they building, They modelled a dust mask, vest, a tool belt, helmet, Ear Puffs, and ect. We also got to ask a few questions about the layout, windows, rooms, materials and other.

For me I think we had an amazing opportunity to speak to these people, because I think kids should also know what is happening around our community and because it's also cool to be updated.


Friday, 4 August 2017


Loto has 17/4 of a bar of chocolate in his school bag. He gives Saia 5/4 of his chocolate. How much chocolate does Loto have left over?

17/4 - 5/4 = 12/4 which is also 3 wholes!


Monday, 31 July 2017

Science Intensive

Room 7
In Room 7, we learnt all about Insulation, Insulation is when you install Insulation in you roof, walls and floors to keep yourself warm, Insulation is not all about making your house warm, its about keeping the warmth in your house. For this session we had to create a house that had insulation in it.

Room 8
In Room 8, we learnt all about Sciences, we learnt about the 3 states of matter which is, Liquid, Solid and Gas, we also learnt a bit about Atoms and Protons, and another thing we did this cool activity, we melted chocolate, then put it on a sheet of paper and waited for it to harden. Oh and we also got to eat it after.

Room 9
In Room 9 we learnt all about earthquakes, We learnt the 7 layer in earth, about how earthquakes are caused and we also did this activity where we have to build a 2 story house and then we had to shake the table put a sand bag on it and if it held it shape we were successful.

Which one was my favourite
My favourite session would have to be the class with Mrs Stone, because I loved how we learnt different things for example we learnt about the 3 states of matter, Science and a lot more.


Today at 9.30am My class and I went for fitness, the first thing we did was, do a brief stretch, next we did 3 laps around the court it felt really refreshing, I mean I guess. Then Mrs Gray, our teacher for the day decided to do relays, the boy won once and the girl won ones too.  My favourite part was the stretches because I love do a variety of things.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Winter Learning Journey Experience

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My Winter Learning Experience
Hi, My name is Cherise to all those who don't know me and I am a student from Glenbrae School.
This Holidays I participated in the Winter Learning Journey, The Winter Learning Journey is a cool site that has activities you can do, when you have completed your activity or activities you blog it so you can get points and also its a cool way to get feed back. The Winter Learning Journey is also a good way to stay active on your learning and so you can avoid getting down on you grades when you go back to school. 
I myself have had such a great time doing these interesting activities, I have learnt all about the country, about some of our animals, cool facts, and much more, oh also about some of our kiwis that are very successful people, don't be put off by that we all are unique and successful in our own way, I have also done pieces of writings like arguments, statements, and also narratives. 
So what I'm saying is my experience has been so Fun with everyone, and I have opened myself to a whole new country, because I didn't know most of the things I know now. 

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Thank you Bloggers 
Thank you everyone for being so kind to me and writing such positive comments, you have all been so great, and also congrats to all those who have participated in this journey and who have completed the whole journey , Nice work. This journey "around New Zealand" has been such a up and down Experience with all of my fellow blogger and I hope there will be more journey's yet to come that I can do with everyone.  

Thank you Rachel 
A huge thanks to Rachel who has been the master mind behind all of this, THANK YOU so much their are know words to explain how amazing you are and how thankful I am but here is what I came up with, Thank you so so much for everything you have done and all this actives you have put up for us, kids to work on, Thanks again.
Kind Regards to ALL
Your Fellow BLOGGER - Cherise