Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Thoughts

My Thoughts/Opinion

Today, A man and lady from the Tamaki Regeneration Company, by the name of Sarah and Glen came to Room 7 at Glenbrae to talk about all the new homes in Glen Innes and the building process.
Sarah and Glen talked about what kind of Insulation there is, about the unit, what they do to construct the houses, how everything happens and ect.

Then 3 students modelled what constructors wear when they building, They modelled a dust mask, vest, a tool belt, helmet, Ear Puffs, and ect. We also got to ask a few questions about the layout, windows, rooms, materials and other.

For me I think we had an amazing opportunity to speak to these people, because I think kids should also know what is happening around our community and because it's also cool to be updated.


Friday, 4 August 2017


Loto has 17/4 of a bar of chocolate in his school bag. He gives Saia 5/4 of his chocolate. How much chocolate does Loto have left over?

17/4 - 5/4 = 12/4 which is also 3 wholes!