Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Questions on wave and water?

Questions on wave and water?

Are waves dangerous?

Sometimes waves can be dangerous but sometime waves can be quite, gentle and calm. Some waves are really tall, heavy and extremely dangerous. A wave can be up to 10 metres tall or even 50, But people don't know when or where there is going to be a dangerous wave in other names people call huge and tall waves tsunamis.

How high was the highest ocean wave?

I have done some research and the highest ocean wave was about 112 metres ( 34 m ), or even higher then a 10-story building! In 1933 sailors on the american tankers USS Ramapo during a severe windstorm in the pacific ocean.

What are tsunamis?

Tsunamis are big huge tall waves that can be caused in any country if there is a beach or a ocean. There has been tsunamis in the USA even in New Zealand and also in more and more countries.

Monday, 28 September 2015

My holidays

Today, On the 28th of September 2015 My Brother Sister and I stayed home because my Dad went to work and my older Sister Danielle looked after my Brother.

At about 11.00 we all watched a Tv show called Mako Mermaids, Then it finished and we got bored so we turned the Tv off and We played a game of Yahtzee My Sister Won and I came second and my Brother came last haha that was sad so then we played Monopoly I lost first then it was my Brother and then my Sister obviously came first again after that my Dad got home and then we packed up everything.

Soon after my Dad and Brother went somewhere and my Mum came and dropped some clothes off and I went with my mum and now I'm writing my Blog that's all that happened for the few hours of today thanks for reading my Blog Bye.

What do holidays mean?

What do holidays mean?

Holidays mean to me when the children of the world and adults get to have fun and laugh all over the place when people can finally have a peaceful time with there kids or even with family and friends.

Holidays mean to me when people can have a day off, But when you have a holiday you still have to keep up the hard work like clean your room do the washing help you parent with the chores and you have to do extra homework.

But still holidays are when you have joy and laughter in you life it may be hard but still keep up the great effect, If you are sad just do this simple thing ( MOVE ON ) with your life and it will be fine in the future so that all I have to say about the holidays Bye.

In the Holidays

In the Holidays

In the holidays
The only thing you hear is the children
scream they dance and sing all over the
Place they laugh in different tones
they sometime whisper but
a single time they  cry

In the holidays Joy comes
not just Joy but
fear comes
The children Cry
In laughter or even in
They fear like a
is under there bed or
the Fear in happiness
Like when someone they
have not seen in forever
comes and visits their home

In holidays
Children are not at school
they still do some work
they do shors
They even right blogs
and stories
Some children Love to
go to school and
some dont
But school is important

The Red Rose

The red rose as gentle as air, Everyone will stare into it fears, The dark horse will fear as well as the red rose, they both become one and run far far away, until they both fall, fall upon the rivers, there colours join together and makes the river become into a beautiful waterfall. The rose is good and calm and the horse is dark but good in the inside. They both fear they don't no what happened but they stayed calm, But then the sound of a bullet shot they both kind Then the sound disappears and they both don't fear, But know one see’s them ever again.

All About Electricity

                                              All about Electricity - Worksheet

After you have read the article on All bout Electricity, answer these questions.                                             
  1. What is electricity?
        Electricity is a second energy.                                                                                                                        
  1. What is energy?
        Energy is strength & Vitality required for sustained physical or Mental activity.
  1. What causes lightning?
            Static electricity causes the moving flash. (Lightning)
  1. What is current electricity?
        It’s a flow of electric charge.
  1. Name the different sources of energy.
    Electricity,Fossil, Renewable Energy, primary, secondary.
  1. What is the difference between primary energy and secondary energy?
Primary is energy form & Secondary is a flow.
  1. How much electricity can one flash of lightning generate?
‘Says’ mostly 16 TWH.
  1. Who discovered electricity?
Benjamin Franklin
  1. How fast does electricity travel?
186,000 miles per second
  1. Name some appliances in your home that uses electricity to make it work?
Heater (It’s cold)
Fridges/ Freezers
                                                              washing machine
Tv/ television


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cindy in da house

On Monday the 21st of September 2015 the Glenbrae students walked to Pt England to watch a show called Cindy in da house.

When we got there their was 2 other schools the play started it was about a girl she was feed up with doing all the work for her cousins and one day there was a ball and she couldn't go but then she looked into a shopping bag and there it was a beautiful bright white dress she put it on then went to the ball she saw Josh and they danced together it was 12.00 and she ran down the stairs she left a jandel and he said I will find her, the next day he found her and then they became bestie.

At the end they had a cool party for finding Cindy and then everybody lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Today, Thursday 10-09-2015 the whole of Glenbrae School students, teachers and staff went to the Glenbrae school hall for a Duffy role model assembly and the role model was Myron Simpson.

Myron Simpson is a famous bike rider that has been riding for over 22yrs.  He also has his own Muesli company named Myron's Muesli. He was talking about how he read a lot about people and their lives and he said that Richie Macaws was his favourite one to read about. Myron said it was good to read so you know what to do.

At the end of the assembly some people got to where Myron's gear and then we got to ask some questions about his life and his Muesli bars. After that Myrron gave the Duffy books out to some kids from each class, we went outside and went back to our classes with our hands behind our back and quietly.