Sunday, 24 July 2016

Olympic Games

Winter Learning
A little bit of Info

A little bit after the Olympics Games there is a disability Olympics that is held ( Paralympics ). That Paralympics is was held in Rome, Italy in 1990. The Athletes competed in 8 different types of sport including Cycling.

Activity 1
If I had to pick I'd pick, I’d have to pick one of my parents because I’d love to do something with one of the most important people in my life and both my parents are really cool and also supporting. So it would be really FUN to do with one of them!!!!!>......................

Little bit of Info
As you know it's not very cheap to go to another country for the athletes so they must fundraise.

Activity 2

If I could help I'd have a really cool bake sale heaps of people could come I get little treats and I would throw A big event that people could come to and dance and do lots of cool thing and maybe if people come with there cars there would be a awesome car wash.

Bonus Activity

Trust Sport/Fun Relay sport

The sport that I have chosen to make is called ( THE TRUST SPORTS )
In this game the person that has a disability will have to be blindfolded the other will have to guide the person who is blindfolded  ( P.S if blind does not concern blindfold ) This game may need trust and corporation but the point of this game is just to have fun there will be 3 sports running, hopping and also warm up that you normally do and it will
Rule 1 - HAVE FUN
Rule 2 - Be trustworthy
Rule 3 - Talking must be needed

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Olympic Games


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                                    Winter Learning
Little bit of Info

A little bit of Info
So each year athletes from all over the year must wear matching costumes for the Opening and closing ceremony. So each country will have to wear the same outfits.

Activity 1

Look Number 1

So I rank this a 9 because I really like the modern look its very clean But I took one point away because It's not perfect I just feel like
Something is missing
Image result for 2016 outfit new zeala

Look number 2

I like this look it represents the Maori language so I rate this 10 I really like it for some reason it's really cool so yes
Image result for 2008 outfit new zeala
So the last look, it's nice but I really loved the other ones better this one is really cool and very similar But……… I score it a 8 and ⅔ Yayy
Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 10.45.45 PM.png

Activity Rua/two - GET IT

Little bit of Info
So in every opening ceremony there are formal speeches, a big parade of athletes, songs and dances.

In the ceremony for the London Olympics Games there were a many famous English people including the Spice Girls, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, U2, Paul McCartney and of course the Queen

If I had to pick out of  Richie McCaw, Lorde , Kane Williamson, Maria Tutaia, John Key or Shaun Johnson to open the ceremony I would have to go with Richie because look how far he has made it in like. He won the RWC with his team and he is a inspirational person for many kids and even adults and I think he'd have a really good speech and hed really be a good choice.

I couldn't believe my eyes I was sitting in the crown for the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics Games. Then the ceremony was beginning all the different types of athletes were parading around the stadium. Suddenly bang a loud noise occurred around the stadium but it was just a instrument. But later on 2 athletes got into a fight bang bang about a few minutes late heaps of people started to jump in. Then a strategy voice yelled “ CUT IT OUT “ all the athletes looked. The man that was standing on the stage was Nike Wilson he told the athletes we must not fight we must use our words then one of the athletes pulled Nike's body off the stage the whole crowd went crazy people were yelling at other people and people were were throwing thing at each other. After a while people started to calm down and it was strange because it still felt like there was heaps and heaps of STUFF going one. Hours and Hours pasted by, Helloooo ( Huh ) Suddenly something strange happened I weirdly woke up in the middle of the crowd. What was going on ???? Bang a loud noise occurred again the ceremony was about to start again HUH. It was really cool because they were calling heaps of people from the crowd to come up and try to win a prize......... What a day!!!.

Olympic Games

Activity 1

Fact - Some of the athletes that were going to participate have dropped out because of the Virus/Disease in Rio.  

Little bit of Info
The 72 athletes for New Zealand will be sent to represents and compete in the Olympic Games in Rio.

Hamish Bond - Rowing

Little Info
Hamish Bond is a professional rower he will be participating in the 2016 Olympics

  • After the 2016 Olympic games are finished Hamish Bond will have participated in 3 Olympic Games.
  • Hamish was born in 1986 so it makes him 20 years old also he was born in Dunedin

Activity 2
I have decided to pick the amazing Andrea kilday because I think that it's cool that she in a amazing creative sport that helps her and because it would be cool to meet a TAEKWONDO player.

Bonus level
Little bit of Info
I have found out that a NZ Olympic group has creative a video called ( Be The Inspiration ). Also you can visit the homepage of Rio 2016 Olympics for more Information about that video and also find the video.

I loved this Video because it was very interesting and I loved how all different people were doing sports in different places.
On the beach
Snowy mountain

I don't think I disliked anything But maybe if it was a little bit longer it would be really great. It was cool because it encourages people to step up and be the Inspiration

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Olympic Games

                                Winter Learning
A little bit of Info
In 1989 a man named Michael Edwards competed in the Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. He was a ski jumper from England even though he had came last place in the game he had never given up.

Activity 1 / Ft - Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman

When he was a Kid: ( When he was a kid his leg was very injured one day he came home and his mum asked “ Where are you going “ and then he said to the Olympic Games and then she gave him a metal box to put his metals in it……… The kid Jks.

When Eddie “ the Eagle “ was  a little kid growing up he wanted to one day compete in one of the Olympic Games. So he tried to look for the perfect sport for him then many years later he told his parents that he's going to be a ski jumper. He trained for many days until he meet a man that  used to be a ski jumper himself he helped him train and he also showed him some ski jumpers that weren't even really good. While he was training he still got hurt badly but he never gave up on himself. People told him that he could get hurt and never be able to play but still he never gave up.So he travelled to the next Olympics the were going to be held and then........

Little bit of Info

So, a 13 year old girl in 1936 named Marjorie Gestring became the youngest person in history to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games. She had won the medal for the springboard jumping Contest.  

Activity 2
  1. When did you want to become a Springboard jumper?
  2. Who is your number 1 Inspiration?
  3. Are you proud of all of your achievements in life?
  4. Do you consider your age a appropriate to perform in this sport event?
  5. And last question do you think in the nearby future you will compete in another Olympic Games?
Marjorie Gestring 1936b.jpg
Here is a photo of Marjorie Gestring


Little bit of Info
Inspirational man
So in 1936 a man named Jesse was participating in the Olympic Games. Jesse was a black american so as you might know the Games were held in Germany the leader of Germany was yes indeed Hitler and he banded black people ( I find that so negative in many ways ) to participate in the Olympic Games. But oh Jesse he just had to so participate ( Good on him ) so he stood up for himself and participated anyway's ( WHAT ).

Activity BONUS:
The world
My inspiration is pretty much the world yes strange but true the world has survived for who knows who long yes there might be some ups and downs but everybody has supported one person in the world and that is heaps of help to the world and we support each other so yea

#Theworldwillsurive + #Support = YAYYYY

If I had to pick
It would be all my friends, teachers and Family because they have been there the whole step of the way and they help me become who I am and that's really good. They also cheer me up when I'm sad and there always great fun well friends and family nah joking teachers are great fun too.

#TamB  +  #Helpeachother = Funnnn
T = teachers
Am = FAMily  
B = Bff or Besties

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Olympic Games

Winter Learning
Activity 1
Trampoline Gymnastics
So in this game opponents must bounce on the trampoline to the height of 8 metres tall then must perform (acrobatic movements)
Such as:
  • Twists
  • Somersaults in mid-air
  • Other
2 Rules
The highest and lowest scores for each routine are discarded and the other three are totaled.
For all skills apart from straddle jumps, the legs should be kept together with the toes pointed.
Activity 2
In this photo I have got a paper ball in my hand and I am pointing at a wall and that is where I am aiming it to go  
Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 9.30.55 PM.png
Sorry for the lighting
Bonus Activity
Up up in the air with a little bit of fear Excitement Rushes through and I'm really happy two. I'm really happy to meet some players and I might also meet some mayors. I might get a lot of money and I bet that it will be sunny. I feel really cool but I'm still in school. So don't show off too much or mum won't give you that much brunch. Hehe

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Olympic Games

Winter Learning
A little Bit of Info

In 1894, a man by the name of Pierre de Coubertin said it was time to change the rules. He decided to reintroduce the Olympic games to the whole world so he started his own committee and named it the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC had decided to hold the first ever modern day Olympic Games in the capital of Greece ( Yes, Athens ). Time went by and many modern day Olympic Games were followed after the first one.
The Countries that participated were: Paris, France, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. Also there is going to be another one soon ( YAYYYY ) and that will be held in Rio de Janeiro in the beautiful country of Brazil.

Activity 1
On Vinicius and Tom episode 3 it all started off when they were looking around then 3 girls turned up and the 3 girls were taking a photo of Vinicius and Tom. Vinicius and Tom were doing different types of poses but it wasn't good enough for the girls. They kept going back to get the perfect shot until they fell of the edge of the cliff. When they landed, they saw the 3 girls rowing so they got a rowing boat, hoped in and started to row until they reached land. A lady gave them something. Vinicius and Tom landed on a building and then started to dance with the 3 girls. It was getting darker and darker. Then they pulled out glow bugs and then let them free so they can light up the night. 

A little bit of Info
Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. One of the most famous landmarks is the beautiful statue of Jesus the name of the statue is ( Christ the Redeemer ).

Activity 2

3 Famous landmarks in NZ

  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
The Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of the famous land marks because it is one of the most important museums in the New Zealand and because it had so much history about New Zealand.

  • The beehive

The beehive is one of the most famous landmarks because it is in the shape of a beehive and tall.

  • Sky tower

The Sky tower is one of the most famous landmarks in NZ because it is one of the most tallest building in New Zealand or is the tallest building in New Zealand
Bonus activity
So, this is the Design I have came up with. I chose this Design because like the original Olympic Games logo it has Red Green and Blue so I thought that it would just be a little bit Cool.

Colour - The colours I have gone with this design is just a simple red, green and blue and the background is just white.

Titles - I just have the words Olympic games, my name ( Cherise ) and 2020 Tokyo.
Screenshot 2016-07-08 at 8.10.24 PM.png

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Olympic Games

Learning Journey
Little bit of Info

So let's start off with telling you guys a little bit of information about the first ever Olympic Games.

Okay so it all starts off with the ancient city of Olympia in Greece thousands of years ago the first Olympic Games were being held in 776 BC also invited the men of Greece was to participate.

The involving Games: wrestling, jumping, discus throwing, running, boxing, horse and chariot races, pankration, and the pentathlon.

Activity 1
If I had a choice out of these few sport
pankration, wrestling, horse racing, running, boxing and pentathlon

I would have to pick Horse racing because it would be a great experience to work with a beautiful animal and I would improve heap on controlling things.

A little bit of info
In the Olympic Games the winner was called the Olympionic and also instead of getting a gold medal like now days they used to got a leaf placed in their hands and a crown

Activity 2
My 3 facts I have found:

  1. Milo from the Magna Graecia City of Croton

  2.  I researched on wiki and it had said that his death was      unknown but he was attempting to to reap a tree apart with his bear hand as his hand was trapped in the trunk

  3. On another site I have seen this statement
( Most historians agree that Milo remains to this day the greatest wrestler and fighter )

Bonus level
In the Olympic Games women were not allowed to participate and were not even allowed to watch the Olympics.

Is this rule fair?
I think this rule is would be disrespectful for the woman back then as they might of thought that the men were thinking wrong about them and thinking they're not good enough But on the other hand men back then might of thought is was good to not run against them.

But if I had to choose I think this rule is totally not fear for those girls who wanted to participate in the games.

Is this Rule interesting

I think this is a interesting rule because it's different But I also think it isn't because the all women in Greece weren't even allowed to watch.