Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Recount about going to Tamaki College

Today on the 21 of March 2014 Room 7 and Room 9 went to Tamaki College to learn more about sports and we got to meet some people in Tamaki College too.

First Miss T told us to get into groups.Then she called some people up to be with the second group we had Lika, Samuel and Maria. 

Next we went outside and then they said we were going to play a game. The game was called Bang. Someone had to be in the middle and had to call a name if they call a name you had  to duck  and the two people next to you have to try to shoot you if you duck before they get you they have shoot each other and that person who shot last will be out.

Then we played a game called Capture the ball. You just had to get the other team's ball. Finally we raced each other to the end of the field.

I felt happy because there were cool coaches and I am looking forward to the next lesson.