Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Trip to Butterfly Creek

On the 9th of March 2015  the year 6,7 and 8 students from Glenbrae School went to Butterfly Creek next to the airport in a luxury coach to learn about Dinosaurs and collect some information about other animals that are extinct and living.

When we got in to Butterfly Creek our guide came out of the cafe and talked to us. After that we walked happily Sunita into the dinosaur kingdom to talk about dinosaurs.  Paul spoke about dinosaurs and showed us a dinosaur’s skull, teeth and poo.  We also saw some huge robotic dinosaurs in the dinosaur kingdom. They were awesome.

After going to the Dinosaur Kingdom and learning about dinosaurs, we then went to see the fish. I saw clown fish and some other colourful fish.
Soon after we went into the butterfly house and saw different colourful beautiful butterflies and also some little monkeys. After seeing the beautiful butterfly, we went to see the crocodiles. There were two little baby crocodiles and 2 adult crocodiles. We looked at them for a little bit until it was time to go on the tram ride. We walked to the part where you have your train ride. We sat down in the tram and it was super colourful. We saw different dinosaurs, then we came across 2 very huge pigs. This was exciting seeing all sorts of animals from the tram.

After lunch we went to the farm. I saw some rabbits, parrots, sheep and goats. I held one of the baby rabbits and loved it. Then we went to the crocodile show and watched the crocodiles eat. The crocodile’s name was scar. Scar  jumped up and swam to where the food was hanging.

After that we all went back to get our bags and went out to the bus. Then we set off back to school. I really enjoyed it at Butterfly creek and would love to go back again some day in the year.