Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cinquain poem-Spring

We are learning to write Cinquain poem

Wind blows
Flowers blooming everywhere
Feeling happy planting flowers

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Cinquain poem-Winter

We are learning to write poems-Cinquain

Shivering Cold
Cold icy snowballs
Children in the snow

Field of Remembrance

Today the 23 of April 2015 Glenbrae school student teachers staff members and parents went to the front of the school to the field of remembrance.

Then we sang E Honore after we sang E Honore we sat down Miss elia introduced Lieutenant Geoff cox from RSA Panmure.Then Geoff cox talked to us after that we read out loud lest we forget.Soon After we played the last post after the last post room 7 9 and 10 went to the hall to talk to Lieutenant Geoff cox.

Lieutenant Geoff cox talked to us about his family and when he was in the war after that some of us asked some questions.After he answered our questions voni said thank you to Lieutenant Geoff cox then everyone lined up and went to their classes.I felt happy and great after he had talked about his life in the army it was a nice experience.