Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey ~ Day 3

Bonus Activity: A really cool new website called Wild Eyes has recently been launched in New Zealand. It is a programme for students who want to complete fun activities (called ‘missions’), take pictures and post them on the Wild Eyes site. For this bonus activity, go to the Wild Eyes site and complete the ‘Giant Moa Discovery’ mission. To earn full points you must post a picture of your Moa on the Wild Eyes website and on your personal blog site. The Wild Eyes team and I can’t wait to see what you create!

I have uploaded this piture on wild eyes but its taking to long to upload
I have taken a Penguin, I know its not a Moa, and wrapped it around a piece of
Clothing I had so YEAAA.
P.s I really tried
Bonus Activity: 20 points


Willy L. said...
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Willy L. said...

Hi Cherise,

Good post, I like how you've taken initiative and improvised to get a photo. Also, I really like the colour of your wall in the picture). But I have to put this out there:

It's "wrapped" not "raped". Always remember to proofread your blogposts before posting.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Aaliyahna M said...

Hi Cherise and Willy! You have done amazing work Cherry, I love your moa! You improvised, using a penguin, that counts!! Well done, your doing so great.

Telesia said...

Hi Cherise,

Wow! What a nice looking Moa you have there. It still counts as one so... Keep up the great work! :)


Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Cherise,

Great work today on your DLO. I have to visit the Wild Eyes and see if your DLO did upload. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Tofa.

cherise said...

Thanks Mrs Tofa
My name is Im about Peace
If you wanted to know.

Thanks Telesia, heheh

Thanks Willy for the tip and I just
corrected it.

Thanks Nanza Hope your doing good


daniel said...

Hello Cherise
Excellent job on completing this activity. I think you are the first person I have seen that has completed this activity. Keep up the amazing work.

Luisa said...

Malo lele Cherise!,

Amazing work!. what a creative picture!. It's great that you improvised and tried something different. Superb work!.

Kind regards.

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